I bought 75 of them clover boxes.....not a single four clover

some1 else bought 100 not single clover.....175 total and no clover

so 0/175 is super lame

Must say thats pretty crappy the balenes i spent on these easily coulda bought the reward of the 2000k and 10 stones 5 times over just with the dumb alchemy

AND THEN THE other rewards for the eggs is totally **** Even the 1-5 gem packs suck bad i had 20 of those get 19 lvl 1 gems and 1 lvl 3 gem ***?

Id say increase the Rate a little please b/c noone will b buying these clover boxes for a month after about 3 to 4 days when word gets around about how crappy the success rate is..

ALSO switching refreshes from 20 points for a refresh to 10 points is just yelling I WANT MORE MONEY FROM YOU!

who cares about this 3 eggs a day when u shafted us on the market reset by 10 points per refresh

so when u spent 4500 balene on refreshed u got atleast 2k balene but now you get 1k for 4.5k balene Cmon now