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    Originally posted by bladewarior View Post
    based on both astral observations and its something i havent read anywhere the amount healed from regen astral is small but the deflect one theres a kick and if someone confirm my observations plz do so i think deflect dmg is based on the dmg before defens and dmg reduce kicks in so raw dmg cause im using a 60% deflect one wich deflects full dmg done on me when it procs
    I use deflection on my mage and it is a big help. It does calculate the return damage before any reduction from Aegis or Guardian Angel, so that is a good thing.
    I also use regeneration on my knight, and it only heals base damage, without any bonuses from will destroyer, medallion, etc. (at least in my experience). The disadvantage mages have with regeneration is they use attacks with multiple hits (RoF and meteor hit twice) which will heal you less than one big hit like a knight's ultimate slasher.


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      Personally, I like deflection. Everybody aoe in arena, have some back! Or they do 20k to you and take 60k back (yeah, yeah, my math sux, but u get the idea) and for level 60, I'm thinking with all the new crit builds, guardian angel will tick quite a few ppl off, but still very situational. But I do like my my refined goddess blessing. that should be first. then play with deflection, block or regeneration. You could go Goddess at 50, Block at 60 and Regen at 70. Solid defense build, but I really like it when deflection goes off .... I like it alot!

      P.S. I do like my HP astral, it really, really helps.
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        Originally posted by R23221469 View Post
        You could go Goddess at 50, Block at 60 and Regen at 70. Solid defense build, but I really like it when deflection goes off .... I like it alot!
        He already has Goddess, though. He has MATT, PDEF, WD and Goddess at lvl 48.


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          Originally posted by ElusionM View Post
          My opinion on Deflection;
          1. If you reflect a lot of damage, odds are you're weaker and going to die anyways
          2. If you reflect a little damage, odds are you're stronger and going to win anyways
          3. Evenly matched - You're probably better with another astral.
          Same could be said for regeneration I guess.

          Since you have neglected to choose Mdef as an obvious choice, I would suggest Charm to help boost troops for fights against Archers and Warriors.
          Outside that I would consider Illusion or Guardian angel.
          Good logic except for the two flaws, one "you are probably better with another astral". I have fought many people who i am evenly matched with and the extra 2k-5k damage my deflection returns has made the difference. In fact this is the one astral that makes the difference with evenly matched players. We both see this is going to be a fight to the finish, and they attack me and take an extra heap of damage somewhere along the line, it really throws off their strategy in the fight. Don't count deflection out, it may be worth a try.

          Your second flaw is that if you are stronger and going to win anyways, or weaker and going to die anyways, then it doesn't matter what astrals you have. The only cases that matter are when it is close.
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            Guys why u make a mess in the guy's poor head...

            I always check ppl's build in arena in case i loose and trying to find out what made me loose, if it was higher M def, higher M atk, better medailon better astrals etc etc, next to that i also look at top mages in pvp rankings and those who are able to score very high on WB.

            What ALL of them share is :

            M atk, M def, P def, Godess blessing astral

            Most of them have will destroyer and there is few with Crit / Crit power

            The last astral which is different is either HP / Block / Ilusion

            As for gems => never seen anything else than M atk, P def, M def, HP, how can u advice a mage to put charisma or block in those precious gem slots?

            Next to that Ginger make sure to refine ur gear (i would refine the 55 set, dont waste money on the 45 set)

            and get only stats which REALLY benefit you :

            M atk
            P def
            M def

            in ideal scenario u will have both Critical and Block stat on 10 (unless boosted by medailon).

            I have the feeling that ppl posting here are either clueless (some of them) or playing another class who have no idea what mage really needs.


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              ^^ I think clueless is right. You are right on with all the priorities. Although HP is super low on refines, even at level 10 on level 60 legendary gear. I would rather almost anything else, especially Block if you're going with the Block astral for level 60 astral (You shouldn't take it before then, and at 60 the astral is pretty much a tossup)


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                I had the same thinking but than on the second hand all HP upgrades besides from gems provide very low effect (guild skills, academy, refines etc...) but when u have them in most of the gear and on top of that u have guild skills learned it does make difference of few K..

                Suntoria is extremely strong in mage vs mage pvp's. Since we dont crit its more or less the same dmg over and over and we wait for the bonus dmg rounds. And when u get 1,6k from suntoria and ur opponent gets 2.1k from suntoria it really does make a big deal.

                Im struggling myself now with pretty low HP for my lvl (32k on lvl 62) and thats because i have only 3 HP gems and the rest is all M atk/P def/M def

                I have 200 block from gear but i would refine it anytime for HP but im gettin 60+ refine crystals and dont have any to refine my 55 pvp set.

                While u can get the most from the set by refining since the 55 set u will be stuck with for ages.

                Once i turn my 50 rings legendary i will get more HP


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                  Go for Block or deflection., base on experience. thats it.
                  im currently lvl57 mage now and i still remember the first day i steped the stage of lvl50 BG almost makes me fall from my chair when i saw 45-55kBR archers and mages roaring the whole BG. . . orange illusion not much help during lvl50's. . .
                  Block for better surviving and Deflection for a "kick-Back"., when you die, you knew who you must hunt coz of he/she got low hp after battling with you.