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    Originally posted by BlueEarth View Post
    Not all of the people are like that... Many players want to slow-level because:
    1. They want to help new players (in mpd and 3v3 arena)
    2. Want to catch up their academy upgrades.
    3. To be prepared for the next level bg and mpd's, so they won't be a sure punching bags.
    4. They got bored at leveling up too fast
    5. They want to achieve titles as easier as possible ( ;P )

    oh... This made me think... Maybe I'll try to create a high level character with a very low br...
    Number one is highly unlikely. Sorry to say but majority I say 90% of the people of this game are selfish and don't like helping others out. They especially won't stay low lvl just to help out other lower lvls. Number two you don't need to stay at lower to lvl to catch up with acemedy upgrades. Since you are unable to go above your char lvl low lvl acedemy isn't worth staying low lvl for. The last 3 are all just reason to bully lower lvls and then cry at higher lvls for losing too much honor bc they didn't lvl up according to the ranks they are at. You also won't get much stronger at lower lvl since you need to get deep into cata to get the required gems to make higher gems and other things like that.


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      Originally posted by 0xykotton View Post
      why so you can camp lower lvl BGs and get a high title then cry when you lose too much honor when you get hit by higher lvl players with lower ranks? I hate the losing honor **** but if your plan is to bully and camp lower lvl BGs then you deserve all that smack. You should lvl up and get ranks the proper way not camp lower lvls
      To reach the goals I've set for myself. I didn't get a high rank by attacking, I got it by being attacked. Unless I miss-click, I never attack anyone. I don't cry when I lose honor, I'll gladly strip for someone to give them some extra honor. Don't think of all high BR'ed people like that, we're not all bullies.
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        Leveling too fast :
        -You're not strong enough for the MP dungeons at your level. (20k BR at level 55... )
        -You get much harder arenas.
        -You just can't do anything in Battleground
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          OMG. Necroposting ftw.
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