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How to raise battle rating ? .....

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    Do as much of world boss as you can to get gold so you can level your enchants, astrals and guild skills. I like to get enchants done first, then go back and forth between astrals and guild skills, whatever seems to give the best bang for your buck at the time as they both increase in cost of gold as you level them up.

    Some astrals do not affect br but br is not everything. Only astrals that affect your stats will level up your br, so Will Destroyer is an example of one that does not raise your br but is very important cause it raises your dps.


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      Some stuff that wasn't mentioned:

      * Don't forget to collect all of the mounts, not just leveling up the one you have. Every mount you have adds to your BR.

      * I didn't see astrals mentioned in the list, but they are wildly important as well (obviously).

      * Passive skills are also important to BR, the ones that grant a specific bonus to stats, such as MATK.

      * Wings (purchased from the balen shop) add stat bonuses (static and percentage based) and can be a big boost to your BR as you progress.

      * Troop enhancements are also important. I have 7% of my angel's MDEF being added to my own MDEF, to when you reach higher levels you will want to look into troop enhancement.
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        how to raise battle rating of an archer i'm lvl 42 but my br is 16k only


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          MAGE wanting to raise BR?

          use STR and INT pots, easy BR

          Guild skills: highest to lowest BR: DEF INT STR Endurance Charisma
          Gems, MDEF gems gives the most BR, assuming you are maxed on the healing empower passive.
          Refines, in the following order highest to lowest BR: Def,Int,Str,Endu,mdef,matk,pdef,patk,def,block,hp,charisma. get the top 5 on your refines if possible
          AStral: get mdef,matk first then the following will give u same br: pdef,block,crit. 5 astrals,
          Mount: train your stats this way, to maximize BR per whips, DEF: 2more levels than INT, INT: 1 more level than STR, STR: 1more level than Endurance.
          EDIT: forgot Academy
          Academy: highest to lowest BR per level, matk, patk, mdef, pdef, hp/troop

          There you go, BR should be higher now. How to be strong? that's another thing.

          *You shouldnt really mind BR, focus on getting strong instead.
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            Lavash Here is my e-mail or ID messenger! *removed for privacy*! Please i need some advice!
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              For your privacy, I've deleted your email from the thread. If you want help from Lavash, please PM him.
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                How to increase br?

                If that is all you want to do:


                (In that order)

                Gems: same

                No will destroyer, no goddess, no illusion, no deflection determination or blessed health ( they do not add to br)
                Go crit.

                This is not a good way to build your toon.

                Br is a flawed stat.
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                  BR doesn't really tell anything. Much better to have the right stats in excess and low BR. In fact I can't think of anything that requires us to use BR for anything other than determining rankings for certain titles. In fact, titles don't even give any bonus stats and most are useless titles too. Imagine a top balenor warrior from S400 going to bg and getting slaughtered by noobs from older servers. You should really focus on other things if you want to strengthen up your toon.
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                    You missed out a point here...if you are not a casher...try not to level up fast and get all the possible free mounts!


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                      All of the methods to raise br take time. Time to earn gold, time to collect items and gems. Don't do any thing that gives a lot of exp. Like guild tree, guild altar, tok, spire, sky trails, shadow crystals.
                      Save soul crystals and whips and only use them for events.
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                        where do i find a chickens beak? rofl!!!


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                          how can I raise my br ?I'm a knight thanks


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                            Originally posted by ayuzamamisaki View Post
                            how can I raise my br ?I'm a knight thanks
                            advance your Guild skills

                            advance your astrals, don't waste star points on energines though until you have all the astrals you are going to use at max quality (can even sell off greens to get more captures and more points towards better quality astrals at a minimal loss to astral exp)

                            advance your mount (but wait for love thy mount events or you will lose out in the long run)

                            advance your gems (but wait for a gem event or you will lose out in the long run)

                            advance you soul engraving (again wait for engraving event or you will lose out in the long run)

                            advance your fates as much as possible

                            try to get legendary PvE set and open as many sockets as you can (though consider costs of socket rods and how long you will have the set for, this is more for higher levels or campers)

                            Do jewel hunt every day, it is very fast and gives nice rewards.

                            advance your sylph (seems they are now having events for this too now)

                            Get the best PvP medal you can get

                            Do group arena as often as you can, the new league insignia shop sells fate stones for raising fates, as well as rune stones and will crystal shards that though don't apply to raising BR will help you a lot and make your character stronger

                            Get all the free mounts you can get


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                              Thanks you buddy! I learn from it as well!