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How to balance the WB: Suggestion:

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    Mages and Knights are strong at so many other things... and the ONE thing that archers have to enjoy you are suggesting to have taken from us???? If you look at the way the game is going in the early servers most all of the archers are gone, because knights and mages become way stronger in pvp unless we spend a ton more money then what either of the other 2 classes (knights or mages) would have to spend to get the same BR. Look at S-9.... Most people are begging to have and archer for Demon. But most have quit because they just have to spend too much moey to try and keep up with the other classes. Take away the small thing archers have and you will be losing more. Once they hit lvl 65-70.... The fun runs out. Knights are too strong to do much damage to and hit as hard as if not harder then we do. Then you have mages who hit you with AOE and wipe your troops quickly and a few more strikes and you are done. I know I am rambling on about other things and for that I am sorry. I just am getting tired of hearing people complain about how things aren't "fair". want to make it fair.... make PVP better for archers... MY suggestion. Thanks =D


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      These threads are stupid, The reason archers have an advantage on wb is because they lack advantages in other parts of the game. I wont bother to go into details as all archers already know.

      The game is fine and balanced and i am sick of folk whinning about archers on wb.
      By the way i am a knight!


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        good idea bro.... i like any suggestion i hope they will balance it.
        Every Action Has A Reaction


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          This make no sense at all, all possible events there will be pro and cons. No sure why this thread was made to suggest. All games were designed to have their strong and weak points.

          I am predicting that the next moment people will whine about why mage use less rage for skill while acher needs more. Why knight seems to be useless in MP dung, please design a event where Knight is more useful. Why mage needs so many healing skills. Why acher talent skills are useless. Why this... why that..... Neverending. I guess this is part and parcel of game.


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            yes take away an archers crit damage and while ur at it take away a knights shield and a mages lava bombs and sure why not just give us all sticks and we can beat the **** outa each other that way ....gees you make me sick ...always complaining about us archers...why dont you just get on with the class YOU CHOSE...and stop the whining


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              let the archers rule WB im knight and in top 10 every time, they need all the help they can get cus in PvP I own them :P