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Potion Synthesis

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  • Potion Synthesis

    Hello, just a little suggestion for potions. I haven't really thought about the disadvantages yet, and I know people may disagree, but it is just a suggestion

    Sorry in advance if this post has been posted before. I've tried looking up about potions in the forum to see if there are any similar posts, but I haven't come across any, though I haven't thoroughly searched as I would be here forever. Again sorry in advance if this has already been posted.

    So I notice I get a lot of Level 3 potions in my inventory. I am currently Level 48, and prefer to use Level 4 potions as they make my battle rating that little bit higher. I waste about 400k+ gold on Level 4 potions daily to help me out in the battlegrounds, and buy them through guild shop with my guild contribution. I find it's quite expensive, and I know it is my choice if I want to use them or not. I am not complaining, I was just wondering would synthesizing potions be a good idea?

    I gather Level 3 potions quite easily from arena, I think these are normally Defense, Endurance and Charisma potions, but they do help. Here is a example of what I'm thinking.

    - Collect 10 (Or 20, or whatever) Level 3 potions of the same kind.
    - Go into blacksmith and synthesize a Level 3 potion into a Level 4 potion providing you have the correct items and amounts, and enough gold. Maybe 1k gold for example.

    This could work like normal synthesis for other items. So, you can start with Level 1 potions, to make a Level 2. Or, if you have enough Level 3 potions, you can make a Level 4.

    This could take longer to achieve collecting a Level 4 potion compared to spending 100k gold/contribution or 35 balens, however, if you happen to be low on gold, saving your contribution etc, and happen to have (For example 10) potions in your inventory to synthesize, then I think this could be quite convenient. I suppose it would be better than selling them for low gold amounts, and actually putting them to use.

    I am sorry if this is a bad idea as I haven't thought about it properly, but please let me know your opinions, as all are welcome. Tell me why this is a good or bad idea. This is my first post, so sorry if it doesn't make much sense. Thanks to everyone in advance.
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    The idea is amazing, at the matter of fact, maybe we can get a rune synthesis too or rune convert? lvl 1-2-3 runes from guild blessings are just useless


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      both are nice synthesis ideas, both have been suggested before.
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        I´d like they agree too the option for convert same the gems,i bet for we all have much charisma pots and really not use them i think the option for convert in others potions can be interesting because for example def pots aren´t avaiable for buy only can buy endurance in arena shop and atack in guild shop


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          Should love to see lower lvl syntec in the arena i get lvl 1 pots and am soon lvl 70 is just a jokke am just sell them all.
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