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Extend It pays to consume event (also making it in syn with the it pays to recharge)

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  • Extend It pays to consume event (also making it in syn with the it pays to recharge)

    Hi all,
    I would like to request R2 games to extend the "it pays to consume event", you started the event in mid month for only 3 day. Most of us get paid at the end of the month and cant avail this event. Secondly there are already a lot of issues going on with the "it pays to recharge" event not being in syn with this event, as far as i can tell from the forum posts they were supposed to be together and a lot of people are unhappy because of it. If you extend the "it pays to consume" till say 1st week of april i.e. 7th april 2013, the "it pay to recharge" event (when the bugs are fixed) can be launched with it then and the anger and disappointment most people are having can be addressed and settled. It would also be beneficial for R2 games as it would allow more time for people to recharge, attracting more people to the offer, meaning more revenue and more happy customers. I would request R2 games to seriously consider this, there is already a lot of disappointed people because of the server merges, recharge issues and then this, its time to bring in some sense of satisfaction and put to rest at least some of the resentment that the customers feel.

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    extend the event pls!
    Server : [S91] Streganna Plateau
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      Seconded! I for one get paid this Friday resulting in not being able to participate in the aforementioned event; if this event could be prolonged it would be fantastic as I'd feel inclined to procure more balens than I initially would .


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        Can R2 or any mod please tell us if this event can or will be extended.