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Hide Clothing Individually

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  • Hide Clothing Individually

    so, with the clothing thing, if you dont like the look, u can hide it, GREAT! but wait a second, i want to show my wings! yes, that was my reaction, but a check list on what exactly u want to hide, whether its the hair, or the weapon, or armor. im sure a lot of people are going to agree on this

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    was thinking the same yesterday ... weapon and wing has some really nice look available but helm are just ugly and all armor (for archer) are robe ...
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      I'd love for there to be an option to remove from view ALL new items from ALL players.


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        +1 - I hate the helmets. Makes me look like the Hawkmen from Flash Gordon.
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          Same here. I want to hide my cloth, but show my wings.
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            Hide clothing

            I was wondering if it would be easy to have the option to hide clothes but have our wings visible. That would be really sweet .
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              So anyone ? could tha be possible ?


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                that would be up to the devs if it becomes a option..
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                  There is an option for all clothing, go to your costume page then tick hide clothing in the bottom left of your character portrait picture. Although this does not allow wings


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                    Before it was deleted, I agreed with the TS/OP - but even further it'd be nice if all new clothing/wings could be omitted. Might even help those with issues residing from the patch.


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                      it would be better if u could pick which items of clothing to wear! i love my weapon but i'm not fond of the swimsuit and mask i'm in! so to be able to hide just those 2 pieces would be great!


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                        You should be able to look however you want. I had a great looking scythe for a weapon. Upgraded it to level 2 and for some reason it turned into a stupid broom. Now the whole look is shot. Have to hide clothes so i dont look like a janitor. Its not like this stuff is free. We are paying for the clothes so they should look the way we want them to look. What is the logic behind designing a broom in the first place? The game is about swords and magic. Not house cleaning.


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                          Originally posted by cyc2u View Post
                          Have to hide clothes so i dont look like a janitor.
                          I know your overal post is not meant to be funny... but I lol'd at this!
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                          You are just a freakozoid... Monster of Frankenstein meets Jabba the Hutt... Frabba the Huttstein... :P
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                            Hide Clothing

                            I want Hide Hat, Hide Clothing, Hide Weapon Cloaking, and Hide Custom Wings. Not hide all, it sucks.

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                              Agreed. I wish you could select which you would like to hide. For example, if you synthesize a piece of clothing to make the level higher, however do not like the appearance, it then means you got to put up with it, or hide all your clothing. Being able to select which piece of clothing to hide would be great.
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