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still no compensation nor word from r2 staff or gm

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  • still no compensation nor word from r2 staff or gm

    dear r2 the game was fun while it lasted but at the rate ur going u willlose all your players. we never hear word from you unless it is good for you. the past three days you kept us in the dark and your forums exploded with angry players alot of us have been patient about the bugs but this time its gone to far. we have recieved no compensation for the three days of stuff we lost.... i got on runescape earlier after 3 years i took from it and people were trash talking r2 this has been spread more then i thaught it has effected alot of players. ur cashers are leaveing as well as non-cashers this has upset alot of ur players and giving r2 a bad reputation.i give this company about a year or 2 befor it loses all its memebers at the rate its going. even after you fiixed the bug we have got no compensation you neglected to fix for 3 days or thats how it looks to alot of us. you probably havnt even looked at sugestions for compensation your probably just going to give us the crappy 2x exp scrolls and daru withn stamina potions i hate to tell you but that wont cut it this time.its been fun but soon the company will fall to neglect of care for customers

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    It's true.... It seems R2 IS NOT EVEN PRESENT. We feel ignored. Already a few people when has problems forgot about ticket because tickets never got solved at all... My guildies lost balens and still doesn't have those ballens that they recharge. And already just don't care anymore they just stopped recharging. They won't recharge more for sure after all this... it's a waste of money. I'm being persistent and having alot of patience with R2 and I can see alot of people too, because we think the game has potencial but this support.... shouldn't be calling support at all, should be called "ignore button". And the game at s83, s64, s90 and s87 (that merged together) always have bugs in everything, it's 3 days now and is always something that still doesnt work. And I don't see any announcement, any concern about people at all. I have educcation to not start calling names but instead of it you'll take with my comments R2. BECAUSE THIS HAS NO RESPECT for people. Costumers are not robots, we have stuff to do, money to spend and we get no respect from you! NO....RESPECT! Would you like to us not giving you respect? Because this is what we are talking about here.... isn't only about bugs anymore.... GIVE YOURSELF TO RESPECT R2. We don't mind giving you money as long as we have a good support. And when we lose items for some reason, we would like to have support to restore it. That never happens. Support must be a joke.... An i'm not talking about me, but for example someone at my guild just lst his clothes, all of his clothes no one knows if it was hack or whatever, but still no help, then he never played anymore! And like this case I have alot of other cases. It's not only about bugs, only about money, only about support... IS 3 in 1.. All this together are making people go crazy. I was at the game today with all this bugs and crashes and the most strong players are not online since yesterday... This is what happened and will happen if you don't fix this with urgency, you lose alot of costumers and we lose a virtual game friends to play then we will start quit game aswell cause we don't have anyone to play. Period.
    That's all.
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      i agree ive been playing runescape more since this problem i get more help on runescape over a mistake on an item a soon as i message they respond like not even a minute later


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        It's still Sunday. Hopefully the weekday tomorrow will promote movement on the issue.


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          the R2 admin and staff are very well aware of the issues and they are working to ensure that the issues are fixed properly before they relax and work on the compensation packages.... sorry that its taking more time than the players would like.
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            Runescape players are talking bad about R2? *** are you talking about? I have not seen a single person talk about R2 at all on the game. You're full of ****, kid.

            Anyways, I'll pray with what Kitwritten says and hope that we get the compensation we deserve.