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Legendary stones upgrade at black smith

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    Originally posted by Hyorinmaru6 View Post
    5 per day


    still takes a very long time and yes a PVE set is a simple item
    yes 5 per day... better than 0 per day from the shop...

    and what's a difficult item?
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      Originally posted by GingerTheHutt View Post
      yes 5 per day... better than 0 per day from the shop...

      and what's a difficult item?
      upgrading wings above lvl 5 without spending any money

      thats a difficult item which will take u atleast a 3 to 4 months
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        Originally posted by CondorHero View Post
        "Because they allows A => therefore B should be allowed" is never a basis for something.

        I like this game. It's addictive. One aspect of it is the grinding. While I play to the best of my ability and time-constraint, I don't like maxing out too fast.
        I like to have things to do. I don't like "easy" stuff. If so, I'd have played tetris on level 1 forever.

        I like the challenge of having to fight for items, build your character so that it is strong enough to get legendary stones/crystaloids/shards, etc.
        I find that there already are many things given to us to ease the grind, so any more "handicap" is seen to be weakening the challenging.

        Just my personal thoughts.
        Challange is fine. Everyone loves a challenge. I love a challenge also and there are many games that make completing sets a real challenge but nothing like this. This isn't really a challenge. All it is is prolonging the set. If they wanted to make it challenging then they will have the pieces drop by a very hard boss(yes I know they drop sometimes. I mean constantly drop and up the boss super hard.) they would add some sort of puzzles or something but just making it so that it takes months is ridiculous. I don't mind the 20x per run now though. That seems a bit more reasonable to get it.

        However, i do mine that everyone already had there chance in getting there sets and basically it is handicaps everyone else who didn't get it. Lastly, there is actually a "challenge" with the summons anyway. You need to get the required skeleton keys and not many people have hundreds sitting around. Can only get so much unless you decided to spend hundreds on that key pack sale they had the other day.


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          Originally posted by GingerTheHutt View Post
          a level 60 piece of armour is simple?

          level 60 is 3/4's of the way through the game to top level and you want the gear to be easy?

          60 stones are easy to get. you can buy them in the guild shop...
          That still takes a long time. That doesn't make it easy or hard to get. It makes it stupid long to get. I don't mind if they made it hard to get like most games do but there meaning of "hard to obtain" gear is really just "take you a long time to get gear." No set should take you months to get. Now with the 20xper run though it takes about 3 or so weeks for the 60 set (non legend)provided you have enough keys. However, it will take even longer than that most likely due to the fact skeleton keys re hard to get especially if you arn't vip. Thus, allowing a 10:1 ratio will help tremendously as well as keep the "hard to get items" still a long time to make.

          Getting the pve set by itself takes forever and they allow you to use other loids to convert into higher lvl ones. So I don't see a huge deal for legs. Since legs are even harder to get due to the NM bosses being hard to pass and you need a huge BR to get there. Yes you can buy them in the guild shop by with the limit of 5 per day and at 500k each it will still take you forever to get them done. Sets shouldn't take you months to complete. It should take you a reasonable amount of time depending on how much effort you put in the game. Getting sets completed doesn't take any effort to get. It just takes patience and that is what makes it boring and stupid. People want a challenge. They don't want to wait months to get something that is so simple to get.


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            I would also like to see some sort of synthesis so I can get rid of these lvl40 and lvl50 stones and get my lvl60 set up and going.


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              yes 5 per day and you need 1200 x for 8 pice vs 240 days. Only if you buy them and you need 74.000.000 gold per pice to 600.000.000 gold for a 60 set.

              Only for Rings and jewels and legendary take exaly 95 days, for collect tooken frome the Crypt if you use 95 x Crypt keys or more if you not use it, you can never complete a lvl 60 set before 300 days aless will say man count away some days and man missing some WB osv.

              300 days and is 365 days in a year.

              and in 300 days you easy lvl 70 and wen 70 pve set is out people give up for go for 70 PVE set is impossibol to get. And coming do that people quit.
              Only why to get the PVE 60 set is spend 34.500 balans per pice in the market buy all stones and all Crystaloids.
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