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To prevent Asst. Guild Master/Officer kicking everyone when the Guild Master is off.

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  • To prevent Asst. Guild Master/Officer kicking everyone when the Guild Master is off.

    *Not good in English
    My resolution to prevent Asst. Guild Master/Officer for kicking everyone when the Guild Master is offline.
    When an Asst. Guild Master or officer will kick a member. That member must be temporarily block like he can't chat in the guild. He must not be permanently kick in the guild unless the Guild Master receive a notification about it. Then the guild master's decision is the final if he agrees to kick the member or not.

    I've joined 3 Guilds already. There was a time when one of our Asst. Guild Master kicked all (70+)officers & members when our Guild Master was offline. Our Asst. Guild Masters can't do anything while he was kicking everyone cos they're at same position. Most of us think that that member(who kicked everyone) is also a guild master from another Guild, who's one of our rival. I've experienced these 2 times and I believe these also happen in other servers.

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    o.O What seriously messed up server are you playing on?! Wow...


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      Originally posted by CreamySaucepan View Post
      o.O What seriously messed up server are you playing on?! Wow...
      136s ironwood there had been so many merging going on and some guild kicks all their members to join their new guild even if some don't want to leave. I posted these thread cosi dont want these to happen again in our guild.


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        This won't happen. I hate to see things like this happen but its expected when guild masters appoint a AGM title to any Tom, **** or Harry regardless of loyalty to a guild. Whatever happened to promoting based on loyalty and senority in a guild...

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          i am a guild master of a guild and i have the no kick but me rule or they get kicked solves the problem


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            Man dosent give leder ship to everybody man give to old players some man trust

            And you problem should be fixit
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              That member was one of the old members there. So our gm gave him the position. we were all surprise why he did that, but almost all of us thinks that he's the 2nd acct of a gm from another guild. Its pretty obvious why if you're able to see how he talk to us.


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                On a couple of MMOs I've frequented, any time a player is booted, a cooldown was used to prevent mass-dumping/mass-manipulation such as this. Heck, this issue has even happened on our server too... much to the chagrin of those involved.