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Wartune Future Mounts

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  • Wartune Future Mounts

    Hey guys just to let you know about 2 posts I made on my blog about Wartune Future Mounts, which are basically pictures which I found on the internet of mounts that we don't have so probably we will get it.

    I already show you the pictures here so you don't have to leave the forum, but if you are curious also do check out my Wartune blog and/or my 150+ Wartune videos on YouTube.

    Enjoy / comment to say if you are looking forward to these mounts or not - just please let's stay positive
    Note you can click the photos usually to enlarge. If it does not work just jump over to the blog and click there for sure you can enlarge to see bigger.

    Pics removed, as they are from another version of wartune

    11. While we do appreciate player's enthusiasm for our games, and their eagerness to get things out to the players, what might be the case in the other versions of our games that exist, may not be the case in ours, and posting information from those games can result in false expectations of our version of the game. As such, information on other versions of our games is not to be posted in the forums and will be removed when found.
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    God, stop trying to re-direct everyone to your blog..


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      Originally posted by ElusionM View Post
      God, stop trying to re-direct everyone to your blog..
      Elusion I specifically put the pictures here so people do NOT have to go to my blog.
      Thanks for being more fair.


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        oh and p.s. these mounts aren't future you can get them now if your stable is a high enough level ///
        giving game one last chance :

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          It would been better if you have a screenshot for us what a future mount look like.
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            Originally posted by JohnNguyen View Post
            It would been better if you have a screenshot for us what a future mount look like.
            Lol, no fair. He tried. Mod removed it per rule. Now you ask for something that the OP/TS tried to do. It's a comedy of errors!