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Will there be a LvL 65 pvp set in this english version of wartune?

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    From when was this necro'd? LOL

    And it seems like the thread is now a huge discussion about PvE sets instead of (suggested) PvP sets...

    And we still don't know if they'll add in or not, it depends on what 7Road is thinking (maybe if ppls send enough suggestions to them, they'll do it, LOL)


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      @Everyone arguing with Kat (however he spells his name) - It is pointless. He only cares about what HE has and that is 55 PvP. He is horrible at math and exaggerates numbers left and right. He will never take the time to put forth actual, solid explanations rather he will simply call you stupid and rattle off a non-nonsensical rant that goes in so many different directions at once it drains your will to respond. On the rare occasion he comes close to a coherent and well thought out response 70% of his FACTS will be wrong and when you call him on it he will claim that he was making a completely different point.

      @Kat - While PvP set DOES do more damage than PvE it is insignificant. All the % increases from Medallions, Astrals and crits are what REALLY make the difference and they have NOTHING to do with the gear set. I absolutely agree that knights don't need the extra rage generation so from an MP stand point you don't need to farm level 50 PvE since you can tank just fine in DT with PvP gear and get the level 60 stuff. The problem with your argument besides what I stated above is that you are so vehement about how PvP is superior without pointing out till much later that you are referring to Knights below level 60 in BGs/GA. This causes confusion in less experienced players who for whatever reason may look to you as the more experienced player for advice regardless of class or level. Explain yourself more thoroughly, double and triple check your math and include ALL factors when posting and you will encounter FAR less grief from other players. Until then we are just going to constantly see the type of argument that this thread has degenerated into.

      that is all
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