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Archers: Incendiary Shot?

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  • Archers: Incendiary Shot?

    Can someone help me understand this skill?

    It says it reduces damage by 30% for all targets currently under buffs. Last 3 turns.

    When I cast this skill the buff appears on the monster or pvp enemy and says -30% damage.

    I haven't noticed or not if it is on other players that get hit for 50% of the damage too.

    Are my troops and/or guildies 30% damage protected by the the main target only or is it 30% from any other person's attack too for 3 turns?

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    hmm.. check properly.. it said single random target.. and spread 50% of the damage to all enemies within 1 square.
    reduce 30% damage for all target that are affected.
    so basically if u cast it on opponent.. opponent attack will b -30%
    and if opponent cast on u.. u will have less 30% damage.
    for 3 turns.


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      Primary target is random. If its primary target has anyone next to it in the same potential movement pattern that a King may move to in chess, then they will also get hit by it at half power. Causes a debuff to the target(s)'s damage dealing values by 30%. Great skill in PvE and even effective in PvP. It's more of a situationally-used (enemies adjacent? use it; one target remaining who happens to have very strong attack? use it) skill in PvP and usually difficult to use unless the archer has crafted gear set. Can't really rely on it to fully take the place of Lunatic Fire, however.



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        Just want to make sure this is what your guys says

        Click image for larger version

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          Originally posted by SirChuck View Post
          Just want to make sure this is what your guys says

          The tooltip/++ has been known to be a little off kilter. This isn't the only skill that has an issue. :P


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            It is just 30% reduce from whoever has the symbol of it which is the same as whoever gets damage from the incendary shot