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    Originally posted by SinnedWill View Post
    Not only gems but also crypt tokens... however, the heavy cashers that choose remain low level can just buy their gems.

    Or, they could be smart and level to 50 then freeze leveling while they work on talents.
    But, he's quite right. Freezing your leveling prior to 50 is quite silly, honestly since you're actually just avoiding obtaining what has become yet another potential form of currency in the game (exp) for talents.
    totaly agree with you on this, holding your lvls prior even 60-69 is silly as in that range you can stay months even if u do all u can to get more xp, it does not metter how strong u are when u face 2x 3turns stun as u are dead even knights vs archers(nice passive bonus on pdef) or pve mages vs archers (abilitly to heal) u cant compensate that loos of turns because u are stuned, and u will never chatch that ppl so its gonna be like that always.. so at some point of stoping lvl prior 60 range u tend to ruin game 4 yourself as yours farms in -50/60 range over some time if smart will farm u easy, even free players vs low chash, or low vs mid chash... if u in 50-59 and slowed little to farm pve50 then that is ok as 60+ mp with no pve (nm mode) u can forget... only my point of view...