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lv 50 epic legendary set vs lv 60 epic set

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  • lv 50 epic legendary set vs lv 60 epic set

    hi guys any one know what is best lv 50 legendary set or lv 60 epic but not legendary
    set .. idk rly wich better when lv 55 pvp set are sucks now

  • #2
    I can't say for certainty but I am fairly sure, Level 50 Legendary is better than level 60 Normal, seems that way in the rings/jewels so I guess same should be said for the rest


    • #3
      I have 50 pve legend myself and have compared rank 10 stats of items in game. Lvl 50 legendary stats are better than lvl 60 pve not legendary


      • #4
        stats are better, but set damage boost bonus is lower. Can't say I had the chance to compare the two, but I'm guessing you'd probably still do more damage than lv. 50 legendary in lv. 60 normal because of this. Albeit, you'll have lower stats all-around.


        • #5
          Damage difference is only 200 between sets. I think this amount of damage is compensated if not surpassed by superior stats. Plus we still havent added the amount of defense/Hp/Crit or whatever one refines into that will be greater as well in comparison