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I'm unlucky, need some tips with enlighten

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  • I'm unlucky, need some tips with enlighten

    Hey guys, I have been very unlucky when enlightening lately.

    Basicly I made this thread so I could show you my bad luck. I rarely get gold astrals 5 out of the 6 gold astrals i have is because i saved up star points for them. Refining, I am also bad with this.
    So, ya, I am now going to ask you guys a question about enlightenment. This is my progress so far.
    Click image for larger version

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    Yep, I have level 5 enlightenment for levels 1 and 3 I had to go all the way through spending daru. Tedious, very tedious, now i think i am doomed to repeat it.

    lol so I have been noticing that pdef enlightenment has been popping up heaps lately; but I am to scared to swap for it to go up levels, because I reckon that if I swap a Patk enlightenment will pop on the screen when I enlighten.

    well I just want to know if there is any1 out there with lvl 10 enlightenment out there. If there is then I ask did u swap to pdef or mdef(these two seem to be popping up a lot) to get to that lvl?

    Or maybe which ever enlightenment you go with has a very low chance to show up.

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    Usually, you will have spend the full amount. If Lady Luck is smitten by you, there is a small chance to instantly upgrade to the next level enlightenment.

    You do not have to worry about obtaining the enlightenment you desire. Why? It will come around again in a few training sessions.

    I know of one archer (*cough*, Dink, *cough*) is is nearing level 9 (hell, he may have it by now) - so it stand to reason on an ancient servre, someone has to be closing in on finishing enlightenment out.


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      all depends on your luck.. i mean it.. got 1 guy had lady luck instead of spending 25m daru he only did it in 4 m. for the next lvl.