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Suggestion to cashers like myself and all players

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  • Suggestion to cashers like myself and all players

    I have been playing wartunes for a while now and have seen the prices for virtual items get stupid crazy, and I have contributed to this by paying it however I feel it is out of hand now. The prices they are charging for virtual items essentially computer generated code is absurd, I am all for them making money it is a business but dont lose sight wartunes u aren't really selling a consumable product. The only way wartunes will stop is if we stop buying stuff lets do ourselves and all the other players a favor and stop spending until prices are reasonable I dont mind spending money for entertainment but lets be reasonable and allow everyone a equal chance to be a power player not just those with the most money.

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    this is true...the prices are too high..1995 bales is equivalent to almost 1,000 in PHp...i hope they will lower the price..


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      Tank, really. It's a game, yeah, but you are paying for entertainment. You don't "own" your pixels you only own the right to use those pixels unless you break the terms of service. If you don't want to donate anymore, don't. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with the people who do pay for the pixel usage. And even if everyone who actually comes to forums decides not to donate, it's just a drop in the bucket to the amount of people who play and pay.
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