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Ripping off customers

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  • Ripping off customers

    I file countless tickets and always get the same rhetoric, it's either my mistake, my computer, my browser, or aliens, or some other reason for the issue. R2Games Staff will NEVER admit to a system flaw nor will they ever take responsibility and fix the issue. They do not compensate you for losses of items, exp, or other game related things...basically they really don't respect or care obviously about the customers. I have relegated myself to never paying a dime for items in game or balens due to them ripping me off constantly. I will continue to pay for the VIP service only just because they have not figured a way to STEAL this from me as well.

    Example 1...latest issues - I had level 50 academy setting for HP I finish the days events and come back and the next day I am bumped down to level 46...I submit a's my cookies or my browser apparently. What a crock. So it costs me 35k in kyanite to get back to level 49

    Example 2...I am in the middle of a catacomb blitz and without warning or indication of a server issue I come back to see that my blitz was interrupted my crypt key used up and my pots and scrolls expired. They send compensation through the community for the error for the lost battleground to ALL players for the issue but when I ask them to replace my items they tell me so sorry we cannot compensate for this we already gave out what they felt was fair...Fair to who??? Fair only to themselves.

    Example 3...Server reset and merge first day the system "resets" and shows I have fresh set of plunders and quests so I start to do them...I started with quests and did 3-4 and then was doing my daily plunders but I notice that the devotion is not going up and contact them and explain that I cannot achieve my daily devotion for best reward due to this error and ask that they reset my plunders so that I can achieve this...basically told no they won't it's my mistake or some other problem.

    I think that R2Game support is unworthy of respect and that they do not care about the customer and that is truly sad because they really don't get it. I would have spent REAL money in this game and HAVE in the past but now they have lost me for another other money in the future. Their customer service is abysmal. I guess they do not realize that WE the customers/players are the people directly responsible for their salaries. Sure they may get a cheque from the office and it might have a different name other than mine or yours but that money came from people like me and you. So why they treat us so badly is beyond me.

    I find they are simply greedy, it costs nothing for them to replace these lost items and maintain a PROPER level of customer service however they would rather deny responsibility and continue to disregard their own system issues and programming faults. I truly hope that they at some point realize how wrong they have treated people and make this great game better by treating us better and fixing the problems. I would happily continue to buy clothing and other items like wings and mounts but not until they show me that my patronage is appreciated and they treat me as such.
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      Why was it moved? It's regarding bugs and other server errors so it deserves to be in that section.