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i wish this would happen in server merges

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  • i wish this would happen in server merges

    im no stranger to a server merge, but i WISH they would change the way they merge servers. for example merge any server from 1 - 50 with their counterpart but in the hundreds mark (like 179 - 129)

    THAT WAY the servers in servers 1 - 50 will have an influx of NEW players from the other servers, although i can see how that would totally ruin some of the fun with the newer servers XD

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    Ouch! I can hear the whinning from here: "Not fair!" "I'm quitting!" "Overpowered!" "Open another oceanic server!" (I know that last statement might not seem to make sense, but some ppl randomly post that new oceanic server request randomly anywhere; so probably would be a follow up post lol)
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      yes! open a new oceanic server!

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        Pls open a new oceanic server !


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          open oceanic whale cant open new server


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            Sooo, if I get this right, this idea means that lets say S2 to be merged with S178?

            I wouldn't judge this as a good idea.
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              Sorry, don't think that anything will make people rush to play older servers. If you start a newer server you have a chance to keep up with people for awhile til the big spenders come out and play. If you go to an older server, you get stuck with very high world prosperity which makes you level ultrafast. No chance to save daru or kyanite or any of the other things you wish you had done when you started out your first character. You would not have a chance to get into a guild battle because everyone would be ultra higher than you and established. So you are left with trying to do your Group Arenas and Battlegrounds and slowly, oh so slowly, get that PVP set. .... Nope don't see this as anyone's real wish, more like several people's nightmares.

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                I know, but wish they would merge servers with other active servers. XD although there would be mass confusion