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High Stackable Runes for Inventory

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  • High Stackable Runes for Inventory

    Is it possible for you to kindly increase the limit of stackable runes for inventory? I have 3 pages of inventory (max) and 2 of them are full of these runes. They currently have a stack limit of 20. Maybe increasing it to be like insignias (999 per stack) will be great.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem. I also doubt R2games will be releasing the "rune upgrade" option like in the Chinese server anytime soon, so in the mean time, please increase the stackable limit. Thanks.

  • #2
    i completly share your opinion, 20stacks is so low for this.


    • #3
      Have to agree I have like 3 stacks of some lol


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        Heck, I'd take 99 per slot. I think the real issue is that the rune system is down the road a bit. Still, relax the restrictions a bit. Some of us like to hoard.


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          As a hoarder myself, I actually don't understand why they don't stack to 999 right now. That said, 99 would be totally acceptable.

          This is a very good idea. It doesn't effect game balance in any way, it helps everyone equally, and it makes players happy to either free up inventory space, or keep more runes on hand without having to sell off runes you'd rather keep.

          I know there's a rune system eventually, but this is existing code, so it's not like there's any major work involved to make it happen.