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Elemental Properties (to Save this Boring game)

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  • Elemental Properties (to Save this Boring game)

    Good Morning everyone,just let u Know ive got sooo Bored with this game lately,the same n repeated innovation is going on here like any oher game advanced to their Death,let me suggest for Something: ELEMENTAL PROPERTIES
    1. So What is the Best Char additional Decoration in this Game? Yes,the Wing,Mount n Clothes,so what if theres elemental Properties on the Clothes,Mount n Wing when Paired together? so ull need 4 elemental Wing Mount n Clothes (U Just Posted sumthin to acquire new Look for these item yes? MAKE IT FOR ELEMENTAL PURPOSE!!!)
    2. So I got sooo Bored with this Game Battle system,COLLECT RAGE UNLEASH IT N DONE. IS THAT ALL U GOT FOR THIS GAME 7 ROADS?R2? U SHOULD MAKE IT WIDER!!!, Okay my suggestion is when u collect all 3 elemental wing+mount+clothes u got a PASSIVE WHICH IS ACTIVATED WHEN UR RAGE IS 100,N DEACTIVATED WHEN U LOSE THE RAGE,SO the tactical is getting more widely
    3. Pay Me 50K balens if u Choose to adapt this idea u pea Brain developer which "Can't do nothing than suck my money" hahaha

    With Best Regards