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gifts for guildies and friends

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  • gifts for guildies and friends

    i was wandering if you could make so that we could gift friends anything stuff that we could help them out or stuff we don't need and they would get more use of it

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    You forgot to add in the part about having it on a free server with a VIP Wheel that only gives L7 Gems.

    Sorry to be such a smartass (actually I'm not) but this comment/suggestion has been made dozens of times before and it all comes down to the same answer:

    Not ....

    Gonna ....


    The likelihood of abuse is too prominent, plus it undermines the Pay-2-Win/Pay-2-Compete aspect of the game. Even an auction house would be disruptive to the World Economy. Hi - I'm gonna farm Crystaloids and Legendary Stones.
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