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immune to crit for WB

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    this is why i said there should be a multi target wb one with 6 heads maybe then mages could get on the wb top 10


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      Originally posted by quseio View Post
      this is why i said there should be a multi target wb one with 6 heads maybe then mages could get on the wb top 10
      ... and knights?


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        Originally posted by KnowingEyes7 View Post
        ... and knights?
        I'm a mage so ... who cares?
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          If wb would be immune to crits the problem would still persist, you just replaced archers by mages, except you totally wrecked archers in the process, each class has the luxury to go crit build (and i know it's not optimal, but they can), but archers can't go will destroyer build, simply because archers are basically designed around crit, archers depend on crits for rage gain and pretty much damage too (their base skill dmg is on par if not worse, and i believe it is worse, than that of a mage).


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            That's a terrible idea! Don't have to hurt Archers to help the others. Just do something to aid Knights and Mages in WB. Crit is what makes the Archer. You can't take that away.


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              I posted this in another thread, and while it might not be perfect it would even the playing field a little concerning how much of a disparity in getting daru there is since archers get far more on wb than knights or mages:

              The solution is easy. It is well known that archers get this unfair advantage in wb. I would base the amount suggested below on one's level for knight or mage in the catacomb. Let every 25 levels they complete give them say, 150k for those between lvl 40 to 44 250k for 45 to 50, 350k for lvl 50 -54 and 450k for lvl 55-60 daru as a reward. So, if you can reach lvl 100 you get as a knight or mage the accumulated amount. It appears based on my chats with archers of my level that they get more than that a day doing 3 world bosses. This would help even the playing field a little so we can get our troops up as easily as they do. As it is, I have been farming daru for a month now and have 21mil saved. I farm constantly btw, and by that I mean probably 4 to 5 hours a day.