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Incorrect Arena Awards

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  • Incorrect Arena Awards

    Starting a new thread since the last was closed before it was resolved.

    They posted they were changing solo arena reward times, but they never listed what the times were.

    Shouldn't whoever is listed for Rank1 for the day receive the Rank 1 rewards? What time are they doing this going forward? where is it posted? How will we know?

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    Upon examination, that's true.

    The rewards are distributed based on arena/duel rank the moment the cutoff time occurs (18:00 - 18:15-ish).


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      not a bug, moving to game discussion
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        They at least should have posted what time it releases. I had no idea that it is now at 1800-1815


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          I thought I saw it somewhere here but in the 03/21 thread, I don't see it. Word of mouth apparently kicked in when it was posted on WT and Aeria.