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16 format Guild Battle

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  • 16 format Guild Battle

    With r2 merging 3 or 4 server into one wouldn't it be better to have the old Guild Battle format? I understand why they went to the 8 team format, guilds wouldn't show for GB. But with the server merges, the top guilds from the respected servers are still in it. Except now players are moving around looking to get into a guild that is in Guild Battle. Forcing more players to decide if the game is really worth playing any longer.

    i can see why the server merges are needed but it needs to be opened up to the top 16 again like it was.

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    While I agree with you that it should have remained the top 16. Or at least a second league for the lower 8.

    The damage is already done and reversing it now would not fix anything, except for a tiny %age of the population not in a top 8 guild.
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      This has become a big problem for our servers on Kabam, as people are giving up already. Please do open it back up to the top 16 or do the top 8 + 2nd 8 sets as suggested. That would make things much more interesting. Another suggestion regarding the same, please raise the guild level limit! 210 spots is not much when you have servers merged and there are people floating out there who can't get into a guild due to the limit being reached on nearly all of them. Thank you!