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The no stun on boss buff

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  • The no stun on boss buff

    So its been a while since patch 1.5 part 1 was release, and one of the changes that was made was that the bosses now have a "stun does not activate buff." I personally do not use the mage skill Delphic Hell Thunderer since it takes a lot of rage to use it, but DHT does have a secondary effect that says "10% chance of binding enemy for 1 turn" which basically means they get stunned. This new buff the boss got is kind've like an atk against that mage skill if any mage ever decides to use it in a boss fight.

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    Actually, I think you will find that this is an anti Holy seal buff.


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      But for mages it also affect us
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        Originally posted by Billy_McF View Post
        Actually, I think you will find that this is an anti Holy seal buff.
        I thought hs did not affect monsters, i knew many players with high lvl hs who tried it and didnt work


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          Does any mage ever use this skill? I think I have only ever seen it once...


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            I forgot if the bosses in necro have it or not.

            If not, you can prolly be lucky and hit them with a stun using delphic hell thunder.
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              all stun only affect players and normal mobs. not bosses.
              but bosses does stun players.