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What is the better astral?

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  • What is the better astral?

    I play a knight. This is for my 5th slot. The 4 i always have equipped are Patk, Pdef, Mdef, and Will D. For the 5th slot, my choice is Enshieldment (+576 block) or Goddess Blessing (9% damage reduction)?
    I dont know what the block # represents so im not sure if it will protect me more than the 9% one. Can someone help please?

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    goddess blessing


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      Hi cyc2u, traditionally knights take block because it both reduces damage received and it also heals a % of your health, so this is what i am also using and this is what i recommend.

      I would also actually recommend that you get rid of the will destroyer if it is not orange and take Block and Goddess and put the will destroyer as your 6th then.

      That's just what i think - I am not saying that is the ultimate truth.
      Best of luck!


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        Since i got mixed answers here, in world chat, and guild chat, I figured a experiment was needed.
        So I went to the solo arena and fought the same knight 9 times. He is a few levels higher than me so i let myself die over and over. I wrote down only his Slasher and Ultimate Slasher damage to me until i had 40 numbers. 20 using the orange level 3 Goddess Blessing at 9% damage reduction, and 20 using the purple level 4 Enshieldment at +576 block. I added both sets.
        Goddess Blessing = 83,917 damage taken.
        Enshieldment = 91,618 damage taken.
        So overall, 9% damage reduction is better than +576 block.

        Edit: I should add that i do not have the passive skill to heal when blocking.
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