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little complain...

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  • little complain...

    an idea but ofc r2will not do it...
    mby put in solo or only in mp dungeons chance to get some balens as final reward(chance) (oreven from chest....dream), 5 for solo /10 for mp mby or something like this...
    that shuld give normal players chance to collect and buy smthing...(wings^^) it will be realy slow way to got items from balens but trust me it will make more balance and give a chance to dissapear the big differance betwen playerswho spend tons of $$ to be .. best right after start of serwer...differance is so huge andwe all know it, r2 you know that too... why u realy dont care about normal players or weak cashers who buyvip only(y i buy vip all what i can have evry 30 days...) mby give us chace to play too, not to be always the secound ones on evry server...

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    You can do free balens to get wingw.


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      Originally posted by Patyfatycake View Post
      You can do free balens to get wingw.
      Not everywhere - Kabam offers no free Balens incentives at all.
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        and by other way u needto know english verywell, and most of free offers are not rly free..