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The Gems of Higher Level

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    lol, it is a little surprise for me, I was not aware there is serious programmer on this game forum, so when I wrote down that pseudocode, I didn't think too much.
    pseudocode is only for high level design, so that there is no syntax restriction, like another guy mentioned, this game may or may not use SQL to query data resourse.
    anyway, it is offtopic discussion, I can add your linkin account, if you wanna discuss more about SQL, java, jquery.... whatever.

    Originally posted by KnowingEyes7 View Post
    Come on, guy. Even though this is based on tables and schemas we do not know, you UNION results together that you wish to be additive. JOIN is based on tables you link attributes against. There are occasions you JOIN against its own table but you only have one table represented here - and there's no reason to ever JOIN in this case.

    Do you want me to point out what else is wrong with the "pseudocode"?

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      10 declare NERD ,Int
      20 nerd= nerd + 1
      30 if nerd= 2 then goto HELL
      40 goto 20
      HELL Print "Come on guys, we were talking about gems "

      Or something like that


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        Originally posted by ElusionM View Post
        Like I said, the gap between Free and Cash players is huge. Just because it's cheap doesn't mean people without money or means are going to cash.
        I just want to mention gem transposers here. While payers build their br up with high lvl gems, non-payers feel the game ends with fully socketed gears with lvl 5 gems, and nothing more.

        And, that s why many free players feel awkward and burnt-out; and quit finally.