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help: looking for best browser for wartune!!!

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  • help: looking for best browser for wartune!!!

    can anyone tell me what is the best browser to online wartune without need to refresh!!! plz share if u know. thanks in advance...

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    It seems to me that if you're running a single character, then Chrome works very well.
    If you run 2 characters on different browser such as Chrome and Firefox, then Chrome lags badly.
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      Heard decent things about Maxthon - but there's probably a reason why.


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        Chrome is sucks,Firefox so much better


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          tbh it all depends on youre OS and the hardware you running on, cause if you have high mem and a 64bit os then ie 64bit or ff nightly (yes this is an alpha but updated daily) are the fastest browsers for wartune and i tried like 16 diff browsers to test


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            I use nightly, work really nice.


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              Vista OS 32 bit - Internet Explorer , google chrome used to be ok but lags after 1.5 patch
              Windows XP 32 bit SP3 - Internet Explorer
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                No probs running Waterfox - 64Bit.


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                  thanks for all responds!!! i tested firefox but opera is better but opera also lag, sometimes worse than firefox!!! than i will test with chrome...thanks


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                    Both Chrome and FF work fine for me. Both never lag in my case. I myself prefer Chrome.


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                      panda if you are going to test browsers, you need to test them for a week... that allows them time to load a working cache and so you are using them on different days for different events in the game........

                      chrome has a bad habit of memory resource retaining and it needs to be manually tweaked in order to run better....

                      personally I have found IE 8 to be the best, but I run windows xp pro, sp2 and its custom modded by me as I use the windows 7 themes and the windows vista start menu ( spliced into the theme pak ), so running IE8 is possible for me... and I do notice the difference when it comes to playing wartune, specially when it comes to the loading bugs etc....

                      on my system is IE8, FF aurora 21.0.1a and chrome v 25.0.... and somewhere in the back of the system is FF14.8 for debugging purposes...

                      its not unusual for me to be running all three browsers with multiple windows up and multiple chat systems, during guild battles, plus system monitoring programs to see how much more I can push my system.....
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                        I've try mostly on chrome... but they get so lame on guild battle or even in multi player dungeon
                        Just a curious player.
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                          No lagg anywhere with Chrome.


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                            I have found Chrome to be best. Firefox had issues with Adobe Flash Player, and Internet Explorer can have fuzzy, bad graphics, at least with my resolution.

                            Of course, it does depend greatly on your computer as well.


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                              I think this topic is kinda useless without computer specs. I run Wartune on 894 ram, 2.0 Ghz P4 and I would really need to find the best browser.

                              I have only system processes running in background when I do Wb, no other programs, nothing. it lags with Chrome and IE. With IE I have less lag, I even didn't have any lag with IE before last mainteance.

                              Should clearing cache before Wb help at all? I have tried all other tips posted on forum, i think.