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shadow crystals

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  • shadow crystals

    am i the only one getting fewer and fewer shadow crystals? i need 16 of them for quest .. and i got 7 of them in 6 runs of garden of death .. and made 20 runs in solo campaign searching for them at mysterious chest .. nothing there.. before i was getting them there . but not anymore.. and in void and badlands i was getting shadow crystals almost one in 2 creeps .. they lowered the rate drop or what? loosing 500k xp per day at this rate i will do my dayly quest in 6 days.. i`m lvl 55 on server s150

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    Nope, drop rate hasn't lowered, but I'd say your luck is sucking right now. Lots of places to get the shadow crystals, but as the quest amounts go up and the rewards for the quests go up it's going to be harder to do it each day. Sometimes it takes two or three days and sometimes it can take up to a week. All you can do is just keep trying. Guild Altar still drops them, VIP wheel drops them, too.

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      The quest is not ment to be done daily, your luck is not going down, you just gain lvls, when you gain lvls you need more in order to complete the quest. You are used to completing it fast because you needed very few to complete it.
      In normal situations of altar+normal dungeons+campaigns after lvl 60 you finish it once every 3 days.
      You can only finish it daily if you have super luck at altar


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        Also, have your guild activate the divine altar for 3-5 every day.