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  • gold?

    i never have any gold, i use my levy, i attack players and i grow gold.... what else can i do?

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    World boss. If the players you attack don't give much: find a piggy back to plunder regularly. Is your Town Hall, Academy Gold Skill and Gold Refinery all leveled? Do you get high enough mines? Is your Gold guild skill leveled?


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      guild gold skill isn't up, nor is it in my alch lab, but that only gives an extra 1-3k per hour if i level it. so here is no way to earn gold by any other means?


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        As Creamy was trying to tell you, You can earn gold by attacking the world boss. Depending on how much damage you do, you can earn from 5k~50k gold each

        And if you are lucky and get a last hit for the World boss u get from 600k ~ 1mil gold.


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          there are many ways to earn gold, WB being the highest on the daily basis

          - gold mines (24/7)
          - plunder cities x 5 (find juicy)
          - farm gold (1h version for max)
          - steal gold from farms (4h version only)
          - clear maps = big amount usually
          - if VIP then VIP wheel = 500k minimum
          - daily devotion level 3 has 20k gold
          - MPD / campaigns
          - selling stuff you loot
          - academy gold
          - guild skill gold
          - town hall level
          - refinery level


          You can also benchmark yourself vs. others and see if you are earning decent or too high or too low by checking on daily guild contribution. If people lower level than you are higher regularly on that table then you are not doing so well. And since they are your guild mates you can ask for advice.

          I will perhaps make a complete article on this and put on my blog for the benefit of everyone.

          Hope that was useful,
          Best of luck!