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Travelling peddler

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  • Travelling peddler

    How about a voucher version of the market?

    The peddler will sell,say about 6 items at random(3 common 2 uncommon 1 rare),which can be bought with vouchers?

    None VIP will get the randoms once(logical coz the the peddler will need to search for the items to sell),butfor the VIP if they spend some vouchers /balens more on them they "may" show some special wares they are hiding, thus gets to reset the list around 2 or 3 more times....

    Possible?They may find a skeleton key or crypt key here =).....

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    Originally posted by Gildus View Post
    How about a voucher version of the market?
    A great idea. Why not let players choose how they want to buy items?


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      I like this as well. And, just because someone is VIP does not mean they are swimming in balens. Being able to buy a skeleton key with vouchers would be great.