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Notify Farm is Ready when in Wilds

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  • Notify Farm is Ready when in Wilds

    Being that I am not a lucky archer who gets way more daru than I, a mere mage can on WB, I do a lot of farming daru in wilds. However, I can't tell when my farm is ready, and sometimes I am late getting to it. My friends love to share, so I lose a lot of my crop. I would like it if we can get that pop up window as we do when in city view when we are in the wilds. Could you all just let a pop up appear and we can click it and go to our farm?

    Please show your agreement and maybe the devs will do that simple coding for us.


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    Any notification is better. +1.


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      It would help, my brain is useless. I will check my farm and take note. For example, I take note that there is only 20 minutes until my crops are ready to harvest. So I leave my farm and go do something productive until they are ready, but I completely forget even though I not long ago checked. I am ALWAYS in the wrong place at the wrong time when my farm is ready. Maybe even a little pop up with a countdown timer, so you get a little warning just before. I've entered a blitz or MP dungeon and literally as I enter them my crops are being revived and stolen. Maybe I am just very careless and stupid, I hope I'm not the only one that does this lol

      Anyway, good suggestion and I agree
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