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Garden Of Death..NM

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  • Garden Of Death..NM

    soon i will hit 50, so here i ask what setup, what BR, formation etc, needto make thismp dung on NM mode, if some1 can give tips, thanks you.

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    normal monsters hits u for 10k dmg....I tried this with couple of guildies...We all have aorund 32k~40k br...we died...and died...and died....Will try again when we reach around lvl 55..-.-"


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      We finished GoD Nm boss at like 43k average. 2 mages, 1 archer, 1 knight. it was pretty easy, so maybe 40k is enough. Mind that we were 65+ all. So should be doable with 60+ and 40k+ (my guess). Other parties who did this dungeon with less than 40k Br and without 6th astral all died at last boss, iirc.

      And that' s for last boss, 1st and 2nd boss is much easier.


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        I don't think passing god nm at lvl 50 is doable.

        A good healing mage is a must; I go with lvl 66. Other party members vary, sometimes they are all around 60, sometimes there are some 55s. And there is no rule, sometimes we die by the 2nd boss, sometimes we approach the final one 3x, sometimes we go smoothly as a steamroller ;D.

        Classes? At least one good mage (healing, BL) and an archer (scatter + DF). Knights slow u down (it matters if you visit the summoner), but they are good for tanking (ofc if their build is OK, best if they have both shield and apollo skills).

        The final boss is kinda tough, but when you kill it it means you passed, its two puppets are easy.


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          Meh, it's rather easy once you figure out what to do. Main issue we had at first was passing the second boss to get to the Summoner, While we eventually were strong enough at 55ish to pass GoD NM, other parties who have recently tried, figured if you start with Guardian rune for 2nd boss, all those AoEs you take get reduced to 1 ^^ Making that fight so much easier.

          As for boss, we just kept healing tank and waited for 2x AoEs then used blessed light and alternated
          2 mages, 1 archer, 1 warrior.


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            On a newer server some of us around 33k-37k BR of a party of lvls 52-55 using the 40 PvE legends did a full clear.

            Like the other people posting 2 Mage 1 Archer 1 Knight was our setup as well.

            If you worked on the 40 Legend sets since they're great to have for doing the 50 NMs, the rage gain and stats work out nicely.


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              when I first started GoD NM I had about 37k BR im a knight, all of my companions had about the same BR, the best way was 2 mages and 2 knights,


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                at lvl 50 you have to have 2 mages to share the heals and 2 knights to share the damage need 7k pdef+


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                  I seem to remember doing 50 NM at 3 mages 1 knight.
                  The knight was huge pdef and reached almost 10kpdef with pots, but leaving that aside.

                  When we first could complete it most had 55 pvp set, BR was around 35k ish each
                  S166. lvl: 78(soon/is)
                  Mage: Existence (G.M)
                  BR: 113k-ish 70 set's done!!


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                    GoD NM isn't that bad, but you need a good team with you, and you don't need 40k+ BR to finish here is how i did it:

                    Formarion: 1 mage 1 archer 2 knights
                    -mage in the back, archer in the middle knights tanking (obvious setup i'd say)
                    -skills needed are these:
                    knight: slasher, ultimate, Wirlwind, Agoran Shield, Apollo's Shield (one of the knights can have delphic instead of wirlwind)
                    archer: arrow shot, multi shot, scatter, armor piercer, delphic (or deep freeze)
                    mage: bolt, rain of fire, sunto, restore, blessed light

                    well about stats...well a good defense and a recomanded HP of around 35k so sunto can cover the bleeds.