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PVP v PVE sets or a mix

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    I'll concede PvP (though many top players switched to solely weapon leg max right away) possibly - but for WB, even I noticed an effect.
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      Originally posted by kattuktk View Post
      Again.. even legend is worth switching only if that bow alone gives extra 2000 PATK and i think level 60 legend actually gives 800 more PATK than level 55 PvP(take 1k if you are slotting PATK gems).. so again in terms of damage dealt just having the leg bow alone is not worth it and wont do as much damage as having the full PvP set with def ignore...
      There is also the +500 damage bonus from 2 pieces of PVE gear.


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        the PVE and PVP is that either you go for 2 pieces of each giving the endurance bonus (pvp) + attack bonus (pve) if you go for 2+2 you lose the initial rage.


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          The most ideal situation is both! One legendary and one normal, but x5 sets are the most useful as they are easier to acquire. Definitely dont mix
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            I'm using a mix (leg sword and 60 armor) with 2 55 pieces and it serves me better than the whole 55 set. I now deal damage close to people with full set and can still tank decently. In wb i sacrifice first turn to get 100 rage, then start with delph and build rage to repeat the circle so rage is not an issue here. I'm thinking of going for a mix of 50 and 60 pve set to get both bonus dmg. Btw I'm non-casher lv69 knight.