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Catacombs lv50 Heals

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  • Catacombs lv50 Heals

    I'm doing Catacombs lv50 at lv42 with lv33 angels,and they take damage a lot faster than me,so when I pop a heal(as I'm a mage,healing spec) 9 times out of 10 they get healed,when I need healing and pop Restoration,as I do most of the damage. Is there any way around this,as it's quite literally killing me.

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    Restoration healing is based on the lowest % hp. So whoever has the lowest will take the heal.

    The best bet for cata 50+ bosses is to put your troops behind you so they eat most of the early damage and don't heal until they're dead (excluding suntoria, since it is percentage based and hits everyone). Some people argue that keeping your troops alive longer is worthwhile, but I found you wasted more rage keeping them alive than was worthwhile for their fairly low damage output. If they're strong enough to matter in the cata, you're probably not having any problem with it anyway.

    Since faye mostly targets the back row first, just let troops eat all that damage early on.