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Able To Transfer items to another acount

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  • Able To Transfer items to another acount

    Sometimes guild storage is unable to be upgraded. if only we could Send items threw mail or something to save space. Balen users love the fashion and sometimes get carried away and buy more than they can wear. when people say Sell your gears or what you don't need would make them pretty angry because they payed for it and don't want it to go to waist. Who says they want to sell their stuff, they can probably use it for a new character or a best friend And maybe to send items threw mail upgrade the sending price up to 1,000 gold or something because it is not just a letter it is more. Please post what you think or support this idea. Thank you!

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      If items are transferrable, you can simply create several alternates to help you.

      I will get level 70 loids and legendary stones easily, together with lots of gold and darus.

      Endgame will come in no time.
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