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  • Chargeback?

    If I had kongregate do a chargeback, do you think that would get r2 to respond faster than they have responded (now going on 5 days) for this "error" they are "dealing" with?

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    you run the risk of being banned permanently and having your payment details blacklisted.... the blacklisting is the thing that people need to pay attention to.. as a blackliist can happen at the payment provider and that can effectively end your ability to make payments to other games, something that one of my friends found out the hard way.....

    so you may get a faster response as a different admin would be dealing with the issue, but you may not get the reaction you want.... and I would suggest that you think carefully about the impact a black list may have on your ability to do online payments to other companies / games, even businesses
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      You are correct Kit, the appropriate method to dealing with this would be to contact Kongregate and to inform the site admins that R2 is not following through on their promises and since no admins have actually responded anywhere about this (just the mods) that they most probably have no intention of following through on it.

      I did notice on a completely unrelated note that the admins have no problem responding to inquiries regarding new servers and income streams. Just sayin you know.


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        Unfortunately, Kit's right. You may think that "rattling the cage" in this manner will elicit a quicker response but that only applies if the given company wants to deal with the issue(s). If it doesn't, your new priority will be fixing not only your original problem but also with the 'blacklisting' of your online means.