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The world clock time.

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  • The world clock time.

    As of now most countries have turned clock 1 hour ahead due to summer time. Is it not possible for the world clock & event times to follow that?
    (If i'm horribly wrong, please correct me)
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    Yes. Please change the time. Because the time difference in Germany is now 2 hours. And Guild Battle at 22:00 is to late for the most members.
    Thank you =)


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      Sweden have +2 hours now over the server time instent of +1 hours.
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        Agree! Please re-set the game clock to be in line with the European change of time, or many events will be inaccessible for many of us!


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          I agree with the above. Major parts of Europe will now have last World Boss at 00:00 and last Battle Ground at 01:00. If you live in any of the east most countries of Europe, it’ll be even 1 hour worse. Please adjust…


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            Are you referring to European servers?
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