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  • Server time

    Just wondered but now that the clocks have changed in the UK are you going to change the server time or leave it as it is. Especially the European
    server. Probably selfish of us in the Uk but it does make a difference.

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    The clocks on the American servers changed to DST, so I see no reason why the Euro servers shouldn't. I didn't notice they haven't changed until you pointed it out.


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      yah should be changed...
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        You guys got it changed?!?!?! R2 GIVE US CHANGE IN EUROPEAN TIME AS WELL!!!!!
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          This servertime so confuses me....please fix this aswell R2...
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            Seems West Coast server didn't change, at least s186


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              When i started (before we switch to winter time last year) it was not changed..... i do hope they will do something about this, I will send a ticket about this in a shiver of hope.. if everyone do this we have a better chance of getting it changed !