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New servers are too many

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  • New servers are too many

    Hi guys/gals i am wanna suggest you to do not make more new servers as you see the old ones losing players day by day and need make merge on them to get gameplay exciting like on new ones. If u want so make new servers i have idea for you make a server without option to donate / recharge balens. It would be a great idea and it will show you how the real gameplay should be. What do you think guys , it would be good for non cash buyers to play on and make really competition what can bring even name of the server " How the game should be " )

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    If there are servers where you cannot spend balens then all the free players and many light cashers will go there. Cashers will have less competition so they will end up dropping in numbers a lot so revenue will decrease.

    Free servers also won't earn the company any revenue so this would not work from a business perspective.