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    As i know im playing a war game named Wartune,killing big monster,fighting other heros really curiouz the idea of whom was about those type of clothes!Swimming clothes to go for kill big monsters,and using a surfboard or guitar?I know alot of peoples hidding clothes cuz after upgride the type of clothes change in something they dont like.There are some kind of clothes that have not any reason to be in this war game.Some peoples with some weird clothes looks like GTA profil.For example a Knight naked,they look like a joke.
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    Agree it's circus with this clothes i not even laught at it . The only one good clothes is bikini female


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      Give us some feared gears...not surfboards & guitars to go in war!!!i dont even like when i see my hero fighting some1 with swimming clothes and using a guitar as wepon.
      Everything You Say, Can and Will Be Used Against You !!!!!


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        Guys, this is a trick to make you spent more money to get a nice cloth.