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    Tener una semana dentro de un guild para poder participar en una guerra. Esto evitaria los guild fantasmas que se estan creando en los servers. Donde un mismo guild juega en dos batallas.

    Cualquiera que se oponga... ya se sabe que tiene un guild y hace uso de estas cosas...

    Have a week within a guild in order to participate in a war. This would prevent the phantom guild that you are creating on the servers. Where a same guild plays in two battles.

    Anyone who is opposed... we know that you have a guild and makes use of these things...

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    I hugely agree something needs to be done about this problem, and for guilds who have too many members so they switch them to another guild and back for guild battles. I had a ticket answer saying to add a suggestion on the forum
    Thank you for taking the time to submit your concern.
    We are sorry but as long as they are only taking part in one guild battle per-day they can leave and join other guilds as they like. Currently there are no rules saying players can not help outside guilds as long as they only take part in the one. We do welcome suggestions on this in the forum as to if players think this should be allowed or not.
    In sports you fight for your team only. I won't go play for another team for a game/match cause my team has too many subs or I want another team to win. No, players must register for one team only.

    My suggestion is to lock players out for one guild each week for guild battle, and you can only fight for a guild you j. oined at least 24hrs before the start of the battle. Just is too unfair on guilds getting screwed over cause 2 other guilds send a few players back and forth


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      It is unfair that having been nothing more than 8 guilds for the war, these persons have taken over one of the parties most beautiful game, as it is to defend a Guild. We spend our contributions, we improve a character, we spend balens... to not get honor or logos by these lv 70 +
      This discourages anyone to continue playing...
      Es injusto que habiendo quedado nada mas que 8 gremios para la guerra, estas personas se hayan adueñado de una de las partes mas lindas del juego, como es defender un gremio. Gastamos nuestras contribuciones, mejoramos un personaje, gastamos balens... para no poder conseguir honor ni insignias por estos lv 70+
      Esto desanima a cualquiera a seguir jugando...