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suggest FREE VIP for LOYALTY AWARD for Non-CASH Player

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  • suggest FREE VIP for LOYALTY AWARD for Non-CASH Player

    Wish theres will be an event or something to have atleast 1-2hrs of VIP pass to those non-cashier player but playing 24hrs or 1week or 1month to just award their Loyalty. hope you guys thumbs up for this. thank you!

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    That would take away one of the perks of paying for vip. Everyone would then be able to save up their vip tokens and use them all at once without ever having to pay, that would annoy a lot of people who actually put money into VIP.
    People play games because they like them, not out of Loyalty to the company who made it, contributing money to a company is loyality, so maybe the users who have put money in the game should get some rewards instead =)


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      they will not think bout that at all
      i'm non-cash too
      they need more real money than "loyalty"
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