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Guild battle for merge server

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  • Guild battle for merge server

    since guild battle change into Lag Battle
    how bout u guys change it system
    like, 16 guild participant with 20-30 ppl in each side
    or other alternative, add more server to support its
    it's look like server collapse in every Lag battle
    ups, i mean Guild battle
    Nubito the Super Noob Mage in The Badlands

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    i dont lag in guild battle, maybe you need a better processor and/or internet. Or maybe you have stability issues in your computer, try some defragmentation, remove eronerous programs, change fire wall settings. I mean there are numberous things that could be wrong your end and the same goes for everyone else that complains about lag. My gf lags in the same house as me, but thats because the laptop has problems, not because the server has problems. If even a few people dont lag, it generally suggests, its not a server problem.