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  • Guild Battle

    this is not good since merge and makeing only 8 guilds every guild has merge with another one and then there is only 50 ppl who can enter? thats not fair there is alot of ppl who want to join coz it give good stuff if u win and this is soo simple for anyone to think now guilds has gone 90% less with the same amount of ppl thats not fair for every one especially the low lvl players
    so i suggest that u make it 100 or even more this is not good and most of ppl are mad about that

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    I agree with this completely. Tons of active players, but only 50 allowed in gb, when 200 allowed in guild. This does not make any sense whatsoever.


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      The fact that If we were to have 200vs200 the lag would be horrible, and havin mgore than 8 GB's a server may be also to much lag at 1 time server wide So im not sure how we could Resolve this situation, Unless te Guild battle interface was changed To a different Guild battle style perhaps Mayb we should focus on that Idea?
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        You really think 100 v 100 would be stable??? I agree about changing the interface