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Did you guys get a message from R2CSPet too?

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  • Did you guys get a message from R2CSPet too?

    It happened to me the other day. I thought I should ask just out of curiosity.

    Their English was terrible. I couldn't really understand what he/she was saying, but something about if I wanted to be a "game master" or "moderator" or something; well their English was really just horrible

    Then when I didn't reply they said "Der??"

    "Der"?? What's that supposed to mean??

    My server is s102. The same person also talked to a friend of mine. Everyone knows not to believe people who pretend to be moderators or GMs or whatever, but sheesh, with that spelling not even a 5-year old would believe them

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    file a ticket with screen shot plz


    • #3
      Hmm well I'll have to wait till after maintenance then, hopefully their message is still on my recent contacts list.


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        Der is the shorthand of "there" ... i dont think this part is terrible english as this shorthand stuff is used alot


        • #5
          i got that message to asking me to log in to another page with my details R2CSpet kept on asking me to do it


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            That's one way of knowing/getting your email and password. If they are successful, you will be watched inside and outside your computer. BEWARE!


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              if a player is ever in doubt about the person contacting them... ask a online forums mod.. we are more than happy to check with R2 admin and make sure that its a R2 staff member contacting you.

              The staff have a set way of contacting players, .... with bad english and a fistful of staff positions, is not one of them....
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