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Treasure hunt Hot and Cold system for WILD

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  • Treasure hunt Hot and Cold system for WILD

    Think if there is a Daly Treasure Hunt in the wild that consists of a hot and cold system to find loot from a Treasure map then recieving a Treasure box that could release Rewards of minimum soul crystals/training whip/1-3 gem box would be another fun daily

    This could also lead up to Treasure hunt points which could also lead to a greater chest every 10 Hunts you complete which would tag onto a Daily log on Desire

    Support my idea to increase Wild activities
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    i wish them can release some lvl 60+ gear so man can collect some lvl 3 Refine crystal.

    Go only get lvl 2 Refine crystal after alot of kills But for us some use lvl 60 gear can not get it is so bad is why i wish for a lvl 60+ map.
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